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Upper School English

In our Upper School, students become grammatical experts, literary geniuses, and passionate writers.

Expanding Perspectives

In Upper School, we continue to foster our students’ ability to read sensitively, think critically, 清晰而有说服力地表达自己. 当他们努力辨别阅读模式时, 他们成为独立的批评家, ready to discover and articulate important insights from the experiences they read about. We select texts carefully, 古典和当代, 力求表现多种体裁, periods, authors, and perspectives that illustrate and resonate with our students. 他们一边写一边思考他们读到的东西, students encounter new and unfamiliar words to add to their vocabulary. Looking across ages, continents, and cultural boundaries, they ultimately come to better understand what it means to be human.


In the freshman year, 写作与体裁导论 consolidates and expands foundations in grammar, vocabulary, writing, and critical reading to prepare students for subsequent Upper School coursework. 作文包括个人经历的主题, contemporary issues, literary analysis, and creative writing, 注意句子结构, 段落发展的方法, and unified, coherent papers.


  • 探索各种文学体裁, write literary analysis, 提高他们的词汇和语法技能
  • Enter the world of professional literary criticism by deepening their understanding of core literary terms
  • 阅读锚文本,包括荷马的《十大信誉网赌网站》,” a Shakespeare play, and a contemporary novel such as Erdrich’s “The Round House” or Anaya’s “Bless Me Ultima”

学生们探索被选来代表主要作家的作品, periods, movements, 以及英国文学的类型. 这门课程可能包括乔叟等作家的作品, Shakespeare, Donne, Swift, Johnson, 浪漫主义和维多利亚时代的诗人, 以及拉马努金等后殖民作家, Kincaid, Soyinka, and Z. Smith. Instruction in rhetoric, grammar, and composition is integrated throughout both semesters.


  • Analyze major works to learn the skills of close reading and formal analysis
  • Write in a variety of forms and styles to help prepare them for the writing tasks they will encounter in their future here, at college and after. 在大二的第三季度, 学生要写一篇主要的英语研究论文, adhering to standard scholarly guidelines for correct documentation and presentation


British Literature Honors augments the material included in the college preparatory section with additional works like Heaney’s translation of “Beowulf,” Shelley’s “Frankenstein,” 还有康拉德的《黑暗之心.” This course is a chronological British Literature survey course that focuses on giving students a strong foundation in literary movements from the Anglo-Saxon period through 21st century postcolonial literature.

American Literature helps students continue their work in analytical writing, 专注于组织写作技巧和准确性. 今年的焦点转向了美国文学, as well as comparing and contrasting the literary movements from both eras.


  • 来看看美国作家是如何写作的吧
  • Design a creative project using dance, videography, rap, calculus, sculpture, and even Legos
  • Explore major themes of American literature such as the American Dream and social justice

This senior English course offers students the opportunity to study in the first semester a range of personal narratives and memoirs, including “The Liars’ Club,” “Between the World and Me,” “Maus,” 还有选集和文集中的短篇作品. In the second semester, students read both fiction and nonfiction works exploring themes and topics related to the self, society, and social justice. These works have included Othello, Cat’s Cradle, and a variety of short stories and poems. Whenever possible, students read a selection by the Books for Lunch author.

Advanced Placement English is the equivalent of an introductory English course at a selective college. This course builds on the critical reading and literary analysis emphasized during junior year, 引导学生用活跃的思维阅读, lead meaningful discussions, 写得老练. 除了磨练这些技能, students in this class have the opportunity to pursue their own interests in the literature they study.


  • Read closely and deliberately and employ a variety of critical approaches
  • 领导和指导课堂讨论课文
  • 按照他们选择的分析路径撰写文章
  • Use rhetorical critical method to discern and understand the ideas, language, characters, action, tone, and imagery of literature
  • 培养自己的写作和分析能力
  • Write an extensive independent research paper on a subject of their choice

Students in this course study many of the same texts as the college preparatory section but read several additional works, 比如惠特曼的《草叶集》,福克纳的《十大信誉网赌网站》,” and Rankine’s “Citizen.“学生们发展了对历史的理解, philosophical, literary, 以及美国的文化背景和文学. In addition, students will prepare to take the AP Language and Composition Exam.   

To receive credit for completing the AP Language and Composition course, 学生必须在五月参加AP考试. 

As every student is considered a staff member of the Upper School online newspaper Canvass, this course is all about learning “on the job” and “on assignment.”


  • Address issues such as censorship and First Amendment rights and responsibilities
  • Gain skills in news writing, interviewing, and digital presentation
  • 以新的方式使用社交媒体
  • 探索多种形式的新闻写作, produce, 在报纸专题等栏目中润色文章, News, Sports, Arts and Entertainment, Metro Desk, Opinion, Humor, and Multimedia
  • 实践良好的新闻道德
  • Pay close attention to media topics and substantive issues within the school community and the larger world
  • 作为一名记者要面对很多挑战, increase confidence and competence in writing about topics of interest, and form strong bonds with a group that has worked together under the pressures of deadlines

在这里,学生们有机会锻炼技能, confidence, 通过一系列的活动流利的公开演讲.


  • 学习公共演讲的基础知识, including appropriate topic selection and development of content
  • 组织一场清晰、简洁、有说服力的演讲
  • 练习良好的倾听技巧、同行评价和批评
  • 就不同的主题发表几次正式演讲

This course is designed to help students develop a strong personal voice. 除了涵盖基本的情节结构, form and free verse poetry, writing strategies, and literary terms, students also have the opportunity to explore non-academic writing through daily writing exercises, journaling, 还有同辈和师生工作坊.


  • 阅读和写作创造性的非虚构作品、小说和诗歌
  • 和同龄人一起建立一个作家社区
  • Write and compose a variety of poems, short stories, and personal narratives
  • Work on a culminating project portfolio that includes revisions and final drafts